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A Texas Public Benefit Corporation, focused on delivering sustainable  financial-lifestyle strategies to our community members

Welcome To GracePoint

We are working to eliminate the replay of generational wealth gaps by innovating systems with technologies essential for accessing sustainable tools, strategies & resources.

Mission Statement

We are an innovative ecosystem designed to combat poverty & generational wealth disparities. Combining home-ownership models, real estate strategies with regenerative food systems, & unique incentivized leadership development courses, we are creating an inclusive netpositive city & neighborhood.


What is a PBC

A public benefit corporation is a company built to drive positive and sustainable results within the communities it serves. We commit to creating public benefit and sustainable value in addition to generating profit.

Utilizing Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology

Our model for success: Digital Wallet & Series of coins, Decentralization of oversight, Transaction & Fee Reduction  and Transparency.

Collective artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, coaches, real estate investors & professionals, neighborhood hustlers, all with a shared purpose for building leaders and people within communities.
Tools and Resources
Our unique digital wallet & cryptocurrency structure allows us to deploy wealth building strategies packed with incentive based assets instantly via mobile device users
Regenerative Based Infrastructure
Owning real estate, developing technology, growing mineral-rich foods are essential to our foundation for growing a fair economy suitable for everyone to thrive.

HIdden Heart Farms.
HIdden Heart Farms, is family owned and operated as a subsidiary of Gracepoint PBC. Located in Denison, Texas, HIdden Hearts is 7 acres of select pick organic produce, raised catfish and a future grape vineyard.

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Dominion Real Estate.
Dominion Real Estate is a comprehensive course developed to educate on the principles and perils of real estate. DRE is designed to destroy the poverty mindset and to build a conviction and desire to fulfill the real estate dominion mandate.

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