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GracePoint Token Sale

What is Gracepoint?

GracePoint is a digital exchange ecosystem designed to provide entrepreneurs, starter families, and individuals who have traditionally been locked out of the stock market and kept from home loans and investments such as stocks and bonds the proper education and tool kit necessary to participate in the future of money markets globally.

GracePoint Ecosystem

How Do I Participate in GracePoint Ecosystem

Please register on our waitlist and be on the lookout for emails, texts, and free tokens via our exclusive Airdrop campaigns. In addition, if you are a vendor of an organic food product or professional service and would like to participate in our marketplace as a vendor, kindly email product or service details to

Gracepoint ico Token Sale

How can I participate in the ICO Token sale?

You can participate by first ensuring that you are whitelisted before the presale. Then, click on our whitelist tab and complete the application and the required steps. Private sales are a closed sales arrangement, and it’s only for early partners of Gracepoint Neighborhood Wallet.

gracepoint presale/ico

How will the Presale/ICO be coordinated?

Once our whitelist sheet is released, qualifying candidates will have a chance to buy $FLO token by sending their allocation to a smart contract. The Gracepoint Neighborhood smart contract is programmed to have a 3 hours delay before distributing the $FLO tokens to the whitelist address you provided us for your wallet.

Gracepoint $flo

What is $FLO ?

$FLO is the token name for the Gracepoint Neighborhood, referred to as the ticker by general standards.

Gracepoint $flo

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase $FLO Gracepoint?

Once $FLO becomes publicly traded and listed on a decentralized exchange, you can purchase our token with any Binance Chain variant. i.e BNB, BUSD and WBNB.

gracepoint military grade security

How Do I Protect My Wallet & Crypto?

Gracepoint ensures protection by using a cyber-secure peer-to-peer transaction protocol, 2FA verification & unique encrypted codes meeting the standards of KYC & AML (Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering) federal compliance standards.

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