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Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Learn more about what we do

Our technical partners at @CovenLabs have been working tirelessly for the past 2 years to ensure that the Gracepoint mission & narrative are consistent with your defi needs as a new & early adopter of blockchain, crypto, & Web3 technologies.

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Who we are

We want people to adopt the Gracepoint Community as a world-class leader with market information, strategies, and account and user security.
The world doesn’t need more workers or jobs, we need more creative people innovating and creatively expressing themselves through business and art.

Our exchange seeks to move those unfamiliar with traditional banking and finance procedures into the digital age of wealth building. We are taking our time to curate online e-courses and marketing campaigns carefully for our community members. 

The Gracepoint Whitepapers is our comprehensive guide to the Xchange ecosystem.

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Our Roadmap to Success

Starting off

April 2022

Coven Labs to complete blockchain beta

Capital Commitment

May 2021

Obsidian Investment Partners & Radicle Impact

Phase two beta launch

June 2022

Deployment of beta wallet  to app marketplace in collaboration with & your own NFT collection.

 What is a DAO?

a (DAO) Decentralized Autonomous Organization built to empower entrepreneurs, starter families, and rural marginalized communities in their efforts to build generational wealth.

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It is our belief that by combining holistic education, creating investment opportunities, and minded-good spirit-filled people on our platform we are able to test, research and create models that are surefire community $ wealth building processes for everyday people.

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BSC(Binance Smart Chain) for Liquidity Purposes, (Once we scale a community of 1,000 users, we will begin phase 2 pivoting from Binance’s crypto platform and develop the full Gracepoint Blockchain Exchange) Crowdfund Raise $10MM For Cryptocurrency exchange Crowdfund Raise for Dominion Land Reserve $5MM Crowdfund Raise for Hidden Heart Farms $2MM

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